He paints…

red and orange sunrise skies in new mexico with christian worship song amazed

A HUGE thank you to Holly Becker for this stunning image. I couldn’t help but make a graphic out of it! This is one of my favorite worship songs of all time. Holly’s inspirational images can be found HERE.

Holly also has a cute little shop where she creates darling vintage inspired crafts. Check it out HERE!

Free Printable! Psalms 55:22

This is such an amazing verse to live by! I hope you’ll enjoy and be inspired by this verse as much as I am. I found it scribbled on a note card while cleaning my office‚Ķ boy, it couldn’t have come at a better time.

The last few days have been quite trying. Kate has been teething non-stop and she does nothing but cry and scream despite my utmost attempts to soothe her. It’s definitely been exhausting. Not to mention I’ve been having some rough parenting times with my 6 year old and his angry and dishonoring behavior. I’m one tired momma!

Praise Him that my burdens are his to carry! Enjoy! Oh, and prayers are greatly coveted ūüėČ

This is an 8×11.5 (letter size) .JPG format printable ready for your enjoyment!


Eeeekkk! Discount Code- Logo and Website design!

I am super excited about this! It was one of our goals to rebrand the business this year (as you can see on my goals board HERE) and I have had a designer in mind for quite a while! It is none other than Branded Love. I can’t brag on her designs enough, she is AMAZING!

branded love post

Chinelle specializes in branding and website design for creative professionals so I KNEW she was perfect for rebranding our photography business— after all, she is a photographer herself! If you love our style (clean, bright, simple, modern, unique) then you will love her work! Just see for yourself! Not to mention her handwritten and hand lettered logos are to die for‚Ķ I pretty much have my eye on those babies! Here is some examples of her work:

blogger and photographer logo and web design hand letter


(SOURCE Via Facebook)


Not only am I super excited about her rebranding our business, BUT….

She’s thrown in a discount code just for you guys! If you’ve been wanting to have a new logo made or have your entire blog or business rebranded, don’t miss out on this FABULOUS deal!


(BTW this is an affiliate code and I earn $ when you use it)

Excuse the mess….

If you haven’t already noticed, we have quite the mess around here! We’re in the process of migrating over from blogger to wordpress. Doing so in true DIY fashion (on my own) with three sick littles is no fun and is a piece by piece process! Please bear with me as we get this transition finished :)

I promise it will be well worth the wait!

DIY Goals Chalkboard Tutorial

I have been MIA for WAY TOO LONG! So‚Ķ I thought I’d jump right in and let you know I will be back in 2014! Life with three kiddos definitely got interesting and a lot more busy than I had planned. To make up for it, here is a killer tutorial for a DIY Goals Board!

Just in time to set your goals for 2014! Now get at it :)

Tutorial DIY Goals Chalkboard

¬†Things You’ll Need:

  • Primer
  • Roller or Paintbrush
  • Black Paint (I used an Olympia brand sample from Lowe’s)
  • Non-Sanded Grout (mine is the color white)
  • White Paint (mine is a Valspar sample in March Ice)‚Ķ you won’t need this if you use chalk for your title.
  • Piece of Wood or Board for Sign (I decided on this precut 2’x2′ Lavan Plywood)
  • Small Paintbrush for Hand-Painted Lettering
  • Free “Goals” Title Printable made by me- DOWNLOAD HERE¬†or create your own using your favorite font‚Ķ or if your’e super awesome do it by hand.

 First, prime your wood board. I used one coat of Zinnser water-based primer. Let dry.

 Next, mix your chalkboard paint… super easy! Just add 2 Tablespoons of non-sanded grout to about 1 Cup of your black paint. You can make this in any color you like (just use a different color latex paint).

 Then mix the grout thoroughly with something fancy… see this fancy plastic fork? Worked perfect!

¬†Paint away! Using this tiny foam brush to paint was horrible‚Ķ so I suggest you use a roller or a larger brush hee hee my roller was still wet so I couldn’t use it for this step (and on a second note I couldn’t find ANY of my painting supplies; believe me I own more than one roller and brush)

Once the first coat is dry, follow up with a second coat of chalkboard paint.

¬†Next, find a font you like and create a print out for you transfer to your board OR make it super easy and download and print the one I’ve provided for you HERE!

This was made with a font by one of my favorite font artists EVER; Kimberly Geswein.¬†¬†Her fonts are absolutely amazing and FREE for personal use. If you LOVE handwritten fonts like I do, go HERE and download every one of her fonts‚Ķ they’re all super amazing. She also has a very generous Commercial Use Policy (only $5 per font!) so I kindly ask if you would like to use ANY of her fonts to make anything that you could potentially profit off of; do the right thing and donate (DONATE HERE). After all, this is how us artists feed out children. (She is not paying me in any way to say any of this‚Ķ I just truly love her work and admire her a lot! In fact, she doesn’t even know about this post)

¬†Okay, so now for the most amazing bit of technology you will ever see‚Ķ A good ol’ pencil and elbow grease LOL not really technological but my way of transferring my design to my board.

Simply flip over the design you printed and color the areas you want transferred with a pencil.

 I colored the edges of all the letters (backside) with my high-tech pencil.

¬†Next, flip it back over (pencil-colored side DOWN) and place where you would like it on your board. You can tape it down if you’re worried about it shifting‚Ķ I’m a tad haphazard and really didn’t care if it shifted at all!

¬†Now, trace over the letters with you handy-dandy pencil to transfer your design to your board. Don’t bother coloring in the bold black parts‚Ķ unless you feel like it.

¬†It should look something like this! Now it’s time to get painting; just follow your outlines with the white paint and small paintbrush. Don’t be too hard on yourself, we want it to look hand-painted!

¬†You can leave it like this if you’d like. I opted to add some squiggles and such (mostly because I’m a bit sloppy and had some messy places I needed to paint over to hide)

 This is what I came up with… Oh and I added a VERY apparently hand-painted line border.

TA-DA this is the final product! I plan on hanging it above my desk, but I want to incorporate a gallery wall along with it, SO I’ll share that with you when I actually do it!

NOW, hop to it and get this baby made‚Ķ. OH and don’t forget those 2014 goals! Happy New Year!

Henderson Family Photos Albuquerque Family Photography

A dear friend of mine asked if I’d be willing to family pics for her! Of course I was delighted! Photography has always been something I dearly love, and dream to one day do as a profession. Perhaps one day I can do it full time! Until then, I hope you’ll enjoy a peek of their shoot :)
Thanks to Paint The Moon for this fabulous (and FREE!) photo collage template! Get it on their Facebook page HERE!
God Bless!

Spring Is In The Air!

Spring is in the air and with it come my seasonal allergies :/ But that can’t get me down today! I’m working on a custom order of these darling flower headbands, what do you think? I love the way they look. They are a ton of work, but so worth it! I hope you enjoy your day!

You can order your very own by contacting me via Facebook or email!
God Bless

The Pink-Eye Monster Strikes Again!

Well, it has struck again.. Yep, that ghastly pink-eye monster. No, not pink-EYED monster… the pink-EYE monster! My oldest Caden, has pink eye AGAIN! It seems like he gets it a few times a year, poor thing!

He was blessed enough to take his first trip away from us a little over a week ago. My wonderful mother-in-law took him to beautiful Santa Barbara, California to visit his cousins! It was his first “airplane mission” as he called it and at 5 years old, I was a little sad to see him go! It was definitely harder for me than it was for him that’s for sure! He hardly called me the 5 days he was gone :( But he had a blast!

Anywho, he’s back and along with him is the pink-eye that he picked up from his cousins YUCK! So, that’s what we’ve been dealing with. Swollen, goopy, pink-eyed little monsters lol. I thought I’d spare you the visual and NOT include a picture and I’m sure you’re glad! SO instead I’ll share with you a picture of Kate that I took on a vintage chair I borrowed from a dear friend!

She is wearing our Zoila Vintage Lace Tutu available for custom order HERE. The headband is also available for custom order :)

I had a photo shoot this am of a friend of mine and her silly son. I just love them to pieces and am so blessed to shoot memories for them! I’ll have some sneak peeks next post! Until then, enjoy these squishy baby cheeks!

Also, if you’re looking to get some photo props, tonight is our weekly RTS sale HERE at 8pm EST See you there!


Up-Cycle Sets Available!

Ugh! Is anyone else getting frustrated with Facebook? I definitely am! Iused to primarily run my up-cycle sets on there for sale and would sale out right away! Now, with the new changes, hardly anyone is seeing my posts. Super frustrating for us business owners. I guess they just want us to fork out the dough to “promote”? Stupid I tell ya! Anywho, I’m done venting… I have some adorable up-cycle items that I kicked out the past couple of days that are available for purchase in the next couple of days.

A few are available right now at a RTS HERE (ready to ship sale) and the others will be available at 2 other RTS sales; one happening tomorrow (Prop It Like It’s Hot @ 9pm EST HERE) and the other happening Thursday (Prop Insanity @ 2pm CST HERE)

Ready To Ship Sale Sneak Peek!

413 Sparrow Lane will have some adorable up-cycle sets in the collaborative Ready To Ship sale tonight over at Emma Ruth Designs! Here is a sneak peek! If you’ve been waiting to get your little hands on one of our sets, now’s the time :)
The sale will go live at 8 pm EST and only run 24 hours! 
So, all of you amazing photogs, don’t miss out!
Check it out: